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In the beginning, Chakotay was bisexual (according to Bryan Fuller, his creator)
He and Tom had some unresolved history, feelings, attraction... etc.
The actors played this to the hilt, requesting resolution.
TPTB (excluding Mr. Fuller) said, "NO WAY! THIS IS NETWORK TELEVISION!"

The fans said, "Okay, then, leave it to us."

A Chakotay/Paris video, With, or Without You, created in April, 2007 by misty_fur

Another C/P video, When You Love Someone, created in 2004 by LaylaTrek. I found this on YouTube, posted by someone who "found it on the web somewhere." I recognized Layla's name on the credits, found her website, the video link there is dead and I've been unable to contact her via email. The quality of this video isn't great, because of its original format. But - the content is truly lovely, and romantic, and will tug on any C/Per's heartstrings. Layla: If you're out there, please write me?

Want to see a bigger version, along with other fiddled pics and a wallpaper or two?  Click on it!
Artwork copyright 2002 Cassatt

Here are the usual disclaimers and warnings about what is contained in this part of my site.  This is a SLASH Fanfiction site. Stories listed here are homoerotic in nature, involving male/male relationships.  Almost all are rated at least FRM (fan-rated Mature), though most have FRAO (Adult Only) parts/chapters. This means that NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 IS ALLOWED HERE.  YOU ARE DULY WARNED.

If male/male erotica offends you do not read anything here! Flame emails will be not be appreciated.One can only hope that by the 24th century no warnings would be necessary because no offense would be taken.

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This accolade was presented to my beta reader and Significant Other, who is also one of Shayenne's beta readers. Presented by Shayenne in October of 2002, on the occasion of Beta Reader Appreciation Day.

The Fiction

Graphic made from photos by Chuckles

The Fantasy of Tom  C/P, J/C, P/T (implied)  What happens when a fantasy takes form?  Chakotay gets something for his birthday which has a lasting effect on two committed relationships.  FRAO overall, though some chapters milder in content.

Chapt. One Chapt. Two Chapt. Three Chapt. Four Chapt. Five Chapt. Six
Chapt. Seven Chapt. Eight Chapt. Nine

Third Annual Voyager Blue Alert Contest (2001) - Alternate Pairings category

The Seduction   C/P  Tom tries to break down Chakotay's defenses any way that he can.  FRM

John Wayne vs. James Bond   C/P  A light and fluffy romance in which Tom gets quite giddy while Chakotay gets analyzed.  FRAO

Il Pleur Dans Mon Coeur  C/P  Set in SanFrancisco after they return from the DQ.   Some strong angst, but give it a go.  A Cha_Club anniversary present.   FRT

The Gift of Giving  C and P   A CPSG Christmas present.  Chakotay, not in a holiday mood, observes Tom doing something.  He feels the urge to understand.  FRT


Completely His   C/P  A flashfic* series written with Shayenne.  Tom's POV and Chakotay's POV.  A drunken Tom confesses all to Chakotay, who responds.   FRM (slightly graphic)
[* flashfic: a piece of fiction under 1000 words in length, excluding title.  In our case, 250 words, exactly.]

The Wild Stallion   C/P  My response to a CPSG challenge: write a first time story with either a horse, a dare, or a waterfall.  Tom takes Chakotay up on a dare, which turns into something very unexpected.  When their friends get involved, confusion reigns.  Will they survive?  FRAO overall, with some parts milder in content.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
Part Seven Part Eight (epilogue)

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss   C/P  An FRM-rated PWP piece.  Absolutely no plot whatsoever, other than someone is kissing someone while someone else is watching....

Off Shift Concerns  C/P  Response to a challenge on Cha_Club and CPSG: write a story about pajamas.  Here, Tom develops what could be an obsession after contemplating Chakotay's PJs.  FRM

The Shape of Shadows   C/P, Ayala, K (Kim), Tu (Tuvok), N (Neelix).    Response to another CPSG challenge from member KT in honor of the best holiday of the year, Halloween.  This is an eerie, creepy tale of intrigue and romance.  Six men of Voyager have to spend two nights and three days on the planet Umbra in order to complete an important trading mission.  The Umbrans have other agendas.  This story has a high chill factor.  FRAO overall, some parts milder.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve
Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen Epilogue**

** epilogue written by Shayenne


                                    Fifth Annual Voyager Blue Alert Contest (2002) -
                                          Other Pairings category


Drifting   C/P   A drabble* series.  The setting is a crew party for a special occasion. The plot is pure romance. POV changes with each one, Chakotay to Tom.  FRT
[ *drabble: piece of fiction exactly 100 words in length ]

It's All In How You Play The Game   J/C, C/P (Miller/Davis)  This could be considered a JC fic since the JC is rated FRAO and the CP is rated FRM, but ....  Set during an alternate version of the episodes "Killing Game I/II".  What if the American Fifth Infantry captain and lieutenant arrived at Le Coeur de Lion a day earlier, a day during which Voyager's Captain Janeway knew who she was?
Winner: Honorable Mention, 3rd Annual Voyager Blue Alert NC17 Fanfic Contest (2001) - New Stories category

IF you do not want to read this story due to the JC content, but wish to read the sequel below, click HERE for a detailed (but non-graphic) summary.  I highly recommend you read one of them before trying to make sense of the following story.

The Rules Of The Game   C/P, J/C (implied only)   Sequel.  Chakotay and Tom try to deal with the situation in which they now find themselves. In the aftermath of Hirogen Hell, they wonder - can they be friends, knowing more? Can they have more? Decisions need to be made, decisions that have long-term ramifications for themselves, for each other, and for their captain.  FRAO
Chapter One         Chapter Two         Chapter Three

Redux  C/P, A/K (Ayala/Kim), others.  Leone's "30 Days" challenge: Tom's incarceration in Voyager's brig had long lasting, devastating consequences for him. In the future, Admiral Janeway decides to go back in time to help him. She inadvertently does something to bring our intrepid heroes together. How does this change the future? Here is my version.  AU, starting at the beginning of Season Two.   FRM to FRAO.

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five
Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen** Chapter Fourteen

** Chapter 13, "Playing With Knives,"  written with Shayenne

Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen: Part A**  Part B**  Part C**

** Chapter 17,  "The Force of Love,"  written with Shayenne

Chapter Eighteen: Part A    Part B Chapter Nineteen (End)


Playing Favorites  C/P, A/K, McCoy/Green (Law&Order).  A piece of metafiction about the choices an author makes and the ramifications inherent therein ;-).  FRAO (mild)

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