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Below is everything I wrote for the Star Trek: Voyager J/C fandom during the years 2000 and 2001. For a brief time, the fiction was taken off of the internet. It's back. There are links below to other things besides strictly Janeway/Chakotay fanfiction: LA's Voyager Fanfiction; the multi-part, multi-author Tying the Threads epic; my (very early) J/C novel, Home; and links to my M/M Slash sites. All work is copyrighted to the extent that my words and creations are copyrighted. Of course, Paramount still owns all things Trek and I don't, but I'm not making any money here and never will. If you have any feedback, questions, whatever, you can email me at cassatt2222 [at] earthlink [dot] net.

The Awesome Author Awards was a writing contest devised by the Koffee Klub and impressively administered by them. A bunch of J/C authors (25? 30?) entered a collection of their work (7 or 8 stories? I think) as examples of different genres. Voting was open to the public. I was lucky enough to be awarded fourth place, which was, frankly, awesome.

The Fiction

Tying the Threads is a post-"Endgame" fully integrated, eleven chapter, eleven author project that attempts to answer the questions tptb refused to address.  What happened to the Maquis?  Is the Doctor sentient?  And what about Janeway and Chakotay?  ETC.  I wrote chapter one and edited the project along with my friend, Shayenne. Click on the banner, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Divergent Pathways   Winner Picnic Prose Prize  Janeway must reconcile some of her past decisions while making difficult, current ones.  Chakotay tries to help.    PG-13

Furiously Yours  Chakotay gets fed up with being manipulated.  R

Yours? Maybe Furious, Maybe Not   Sequel to 'Furiously Yours'.  Janeway must make a decision while Chakotay heads up a little crew conspiracy of his own.    R

Yours Sequel to 'Yours? Maybe Furious, Maybe Not'.  Janeway has yet more thinking to do.  Whatever happened to the rest of Chakotay's plans? NC-17
NOTE: You must be over 17 to read this story.

Epilogue To the "Furiously Yours Trilogy".    NC-17
NOTE:  You must be over 17 to read this story.

21st Century Fun and Games   A reader favorite.  Janeway puts the pieces together and sees the truth.  R

Season Seven Chakotay  Set one week after "Imperfections" - Chakotay gets really fed up with his command relationship with the Captain.  PG-13

Season Seven Chakotay II :  No Longer Working   Sequel to 'Season Seven Chakotay', set after "Workforce" - Chakotay and Janeway find that keeping a promise for the future is sometimes very difficult.   PG-13

The Experiment   Perhaps another sequel to 'Season Seven Chakotay'?   Janeway has a plan for helping Chakotay and her wait until the Alpha Quadrant.   Pure, hot fluff.    R

Hollow Intaglio   Chakotay discovers a new avocation after letting Janeway go.  She discovers something, too.   It makes her unhappy.   Can they find their way back to each other?    R

In the End   An "end of show" fiction.  Somewhat based on an intriguing spoiler for the finale that was online prior to air time.  Set, partially, 23 years after Voyager returns to the AQ.  There is one, small, accurate spoiler for "Natural Law" in the fic.   PG

Double Dare   A dare between the Chief Engineer, the First Officer and the Captain.  The dare starts out lighthearted and Janeway believes she's winning.  It ends two different ways - you, the reader, pick which!   PG-13

To A Logical Conclusion   Someone on Voyager wants Chakotay dead. How does Janeway cope? A mystery in the "locked room" tradition.   R

Chakotay's Revenge  *or*  J/Cers Finally Enjoy The Show   A bit of insanity in response to the rumour of the ep where Seven uses holographic Chakotay to explore her (hetero)sexuality.    R

No One Knows But You  A trading mission ends with Janeway and Chakotay getting more than they bargained for.    R

Once More, With Feeling   The nature and extent of Janeway and Chakotay's friendship.  How long can people be friends?  As long as they've known each other?  Longer?    PG

Avalanche  Things begin to collapse around Janeway after some decisions are made.  All I can say without giving too much plot away.  Angst.
R but with mild sexual content.

The Dance   Entry for contest where the title was given.   Not your typical dance.  Chakotay's POV and Janeway's POV. (I didn't win squat, but I love this piece).    PG-13

Change of Seasons  A small reflection on them returning to Starfleet HQ in San Francisco.    Very short.  PG

HOME A reader favorite. Something a little different.  A novel I wrote about, as usual, the big return to the AQ. The novel is now complete and exists on its own page.    Most of it is PG / R, some parts are NC-17.

Christmas in Indiana   Chakotay learns that something can happen around the holidays when you least expect it.    PG

Life Lessons    The Captain and her assistant, Naomi, spend some quality time together off ship where Naomi gets a question answered.   PG

Cupid's Phaser    Janeway discovers that sometimes it only takes a moment for love to happen.   PG

The Thief  Janeway has a problem, maybe Chakotay can help her solve it.  PG-13

A Break in the Action  Janeway develops another problem - this one mental.  Silly alert.  PG

To Force the Truth   Episode addition to "Workforce 1&2" (Season 7).  Janeway's POV.  PG

A Big Human Mistake   Episode addition to "Human Error" (Season 7).  Janeway writes a letter home to a cousin about her confrontation with Seven.  PG-13

The Fight  (Season 5) Additional scene before final one.  Short.  PG

The Disease  (Season 5) Rewrite to explore the undercurrents seen.  R

Fun with Chuckles and Kathy  The omnipotent one wants to help.  PG-13/R

The Other Dynamic Duo    Set after "Friendship One" (Season 7).   Lt. Gregory Ayala prepares for Lt. Joe Carey's memorial service.  A 'Lower Decks' fiction - not J/C.

Working in Bed  R
Parenthood  G
Galley Raid  R (one reference)
Firewalk  R

My Adults Only NC-17 J/C Fiction
J/C Erotica.

LA's Voyager Fanfiction  An excellent writer of fic who's interested in J/C, P/T and all of the Lower Decks Crew.  Her fic is hosted here, so it's not far to travel!  Check it out; you'll enjoy the reads.

My M/M Slash Index, which includes links to my Chakotay/Paris fiction; my Ayala/Kim fiction; and my Law&Order (Mothership) slash fiction. There's a single Buffy tVS slash piece there, too. Lots and lots and lots of stories....
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