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Hiya! You've found me! Well, we can all thank Cassatt for that, for without her offer to host me and her effort in setting me up, I'd still be just a happy, but anonymous, betagirl over at the P/T Collective Archive, where I got my fanfic start. But now!—well…

Oooo, look! She gave me the corner window, overlooking the park!

Okay, here's the long and short of it: I am a loyal, tried and true, general all-purpose VOYAGER. That means that the entire spectrum of the show excites me, and I never can tell what will inspire me to write something.  Could be a conversation someone had that left questions begging, or a scenario that would never be addressed on the show for lack of time or interest on the parts of TPTB, boo, hisssss! (Have you gotten an overview of my biases yet?)

I am a big-time shipper—romance is good! Like fire for the soul. No J/C or P/T will ever be harmed in the making of my fan fiction.

And finally, I do believe in the lives of the 'little people', and I'm terribly interested in the Lower Decks clan. They will probably show up whenever appropriate in stories, *grin*. Ollie, ollie, oxen free, Redshirts!

Still with me? Great! Enjoy your visit, and come back to check on my additions in the future. I entertain story ideas, so feel free to write me with a challenge. And let's all give a nice round of applause to Cassatt for her generosity! (She can hear better if you email it)

LA Koehler
April 2001

LA's Fanfiction

The Dante Club  If the Borg were real they'd scare the bejeezus outta me. I can't imagine that the flesh-and-blood Voyagers would feel any different. In the aftermath of Unimatrix Zero, Kathryn Janeway gets a little support from an unexpected--but experienced--source.  PG-13
Posted July 5, 2003


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Voyager Episode Summaries -- in Haiku!
(c'mon in--you know you wanna!)
Posted January 4, 2002
General Voyager Haikus
Posted February 6, 2002

Parallel Parking  P/T Collective Archivist's Challenge to fill in the missing scenes at the conclusion of the Episode "Drive."  But I don't think the story is Tom and B'Elanna's alone! Weddings are a time when families gather, love is in the air, and sparks fly.    PG.
** WINNER ** Anne Rose's "Mixed Doubles" contest
Posted October 18, 2001


Tying the Threads   This is a fully integrated post-Endgame novel for which I, along with ten other talented writers, was responsible for one chapter.  Spanning the year after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, it deals with the lives of our intrepid crew--from the Bridge to Deck 15--and the fate of our favorite, plucky ship herself!  It's easily downloadable for your convenience, and I hope you'll enjoy it.
Posted September 22, 2001

One Moment   Harry finds himself reflecting on one of the most significant moments of his entire life.    PG-13
Posted April 20, 2001

3 Days and a Pizza   (Epi Addition to "Threshold")  3 days stuck in sickbay, Paris becomes obsessed with attaining a goal while Janeway discovers 'downtime' has an upside.    PG-13
Posted April 20, 2001

High Noon, Too Soon   (Epi Addition to "Friendship One")  Chakotay, B'Elanna and Michael Ayala clean out Joe Carey's quarters after his memorial service.   PG-13
Posted May 5, 2001

Living With The Lie   (Epi Addition to "Workforce")  How does a six-year-old deal with losing herself on Quarra? Not too well, it turns out. But if the Voyager family pulls together, maybe all of them can come to grips.   PG
Posted June 1, 2001


Mating Ritual Reality
Posted June 8, 2001

Taste Test
Posted June 8, 2001

J/C Bookend Drabbles
Posted July 15, 2003

Artistic Decision
Posted July 15, 2003

Caretaker Trabble
Posted July 15, 2003

What's A Guy To Do?
Posted July 15, 2003

Dalby's Life
Posted July 15, 2003

Sundae's Sadness
Posted July 15, 2003

Fitting Punishment
Posted July 15, 2003

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