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This is a novel (condensed and reworked for posting) I wrote while recovering from an injury during the first few months of 2000.  Written for my own amusement, mostly in response to how much I was disenchanted with Season Six Voyager.  Basic plot:  I am now considering this a type of A/U Voyager story.  Voyager returns to the AQ.  It's J/C.  Think of it starting sometime near the end of Season 7, except that the seventh year talked about here has little to do with the seventh year the powers that be have given us.  Unfortunately for us...

Dedicated to all J/C'ers, everywhere.  Carry the flame.   You know the truth.  ;-)

NOTE:  Ratings are given for each section, a few are rated NC-17.
You must be over 17 to read those.

* Prologue*

One: Quicksand   Chakotay's POV.  He overhears Kathryn and the life they started in the DQ falls apart.   Angst.  PG

Two:  Reverberation  Kathryn's POV.  She doesn't understand what happened.   Angst.  PG

Three: A Mother's Love   Gretchen Janeway's POV.  Kathryn's mother tries to help her figure it out and find a way to fix it.   PG

Four:  The Ties That Bind   Kathryn, Gretchen and the attorney try and convince Chakotay to give a damn about his life and fate as he awaits arraignment and trial.   PG

Five:  United We Stand   Pre-arraignment, arraignment and an hour after.  A lesson in friendship. PG-13

*End Prologue*

Six:  The Beginning    An attempt at a normal life starts awaiting trial.   R

Seven:  Climbing the Family Tree   A member of the crew finds some roots while Chakotay and Kathryn each find the definition of family encompasses more than they thought.   R

Eight:  Hiding in the Fishbowl    An important decision is made in the midst of elusive normalcy.  R

Nine:  Diplomacy    Kathryn's plan to try diplomacy is put to the test.   NC-17
NOTE:  You must be over 17 to read this.

Ten:  Touchstones    Life intensifies on the eve of trial.    R

Eleven:  Madman Across the Aisle     The trial begins.  The prosecution's theory confuses them.   R

Twelve:  He's Still There    The trial continues.  Some former Maquis are also confused as to what's expected of them.  B'Elanna struggles.   NC-17
NOTE:  You must be over 17 to read this.

Thirteen:  Ebb and Flow    B'Elanna's struggles come to fruition, while the judge gives everyone something to think about.  NC-17
NOTE:  You must be over 17 to read this.

Fourteen:  A Toast to the Future   The Conclusion.  Kathryn and Chakotay deal with the aftereffects of years of stress.  They take a trip and a journey.  Their future is....

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