Cassatt's Fiction has been moved to

Archive of Our Own

This includes most of the Trek:Voyager Chakotay/Paris slash; Trek:Voyager Ayala/Kim slash; Law&Order McCoy/Green slash.

It does not include my early writing of Trek:Voyager Janeway/Chakotay and Gen works.

Much of the Voyager slash has been reworked and rewritten, sometimes expanded. There is also new work, there.

If you have come here from links in stories found anywhere other than your own bookmarks, know that those outdated versions of my work are still protected by my copyright. No copies of my work are authorized to be published - as of 2021 - anywhere except at Archive Of Our Own. I have removed copies of my work from the few old archives where it had been posted (, for example). The Tom Paris Dorm, as another example, has now been fully absorbed by Archive Of Our Own.