I chose to write the novella, Ex Post Facto, specifically for the slash zine, DYAD, and it was published in Issue #26, which was made available to the public in the Spring of 2013.
I also created the original artwork for the zine that you see on my home page, as in an actual drawing by my own hand.

To order DYAD #26 you can either:

Follow this link to Mkashef Enterprises website,
There, click on "Ultimate Fanzine" link, then click on your part of the planet,
then you'll see** the listing for NEW! DYAD #26 with its complete table of contents.

You can either use the "Add to Cart" button, which will take you directly to PayPal,

OR, you can send a check or money order to:
MKASHEF Enterprises
P.O. Box 3684
Huntington Beach, CA 92605

OR, you can use PayPal directly via: alayne@inetworld.net

The price varies by where you live, here in the US it's $29.00

**Should you not see the NEW! DYAD #26 listing (say, you're reading this page way after 2013), the left menu has all of the DYADs linked-to there.

I'm proud of Ex Post Facto; I believe it's one of my best bits of writing; I believe it's a long, satisfying read of the romantic type. It's vintage Cassatt fiction.

email me at cassatt2222 ..... earthlink ...... net if you have any questions or comments.